Heathy Lifestyle Tips: Expert Advice for a More Flexible Body

So, you can’t even touch your toes let alone doing a clean split.

While some people are naturally quite flexible, most people have to work for it by adhering to constant flexibility training. It can be frustrating for the inflexible to work so hard to attain a considerate level of flexibility when it seems to come so easily to some.

How Does Flexibility Matter?

Improving your ability to move and bend your body is crucial for more than just keeping your body fit and preventing injuries. In fact, flexibility can go a long way to increase your strength and size while warding off health problems like arthritis and serious illness. Besides preventing injury and health problems, flexibility helps body builders and lifters to achieve a better posture and improve their range of motion.

How to improve your flexibility?

There are varied flexibility training exercises that can improve the joint mobility and range of motion required to perform daily task and do physical activity. Stretching is the most common exercise to maintain a good flexibility level.

Essential Flexibility Rules to Keep in Mind

When it comes to improving flexibility, knowing a couple of stretching exercises isn’t enough. In order to reap the most out of your flexibility training and enhancement regiment, you need to approach it in a proper way, especially if you have faced issues with stretching in the past.

Here are some tips that will help even the most inflexible to become flexible.

  • Do dynamic stretching prior to your cardio session or weight training to prepare your muscles for optimal movement and joint for movement rather than doing long holds of static stretches.
  • Incorporate light massage into your flexibility training. Foam rolling is an effective way to prepare muscles for movement and boost recovery after workout. You can also consider working with a professional massage therapist to add extra relief to your recovery.
  • Stay hydrated before and after intense workouts to keep your muscles working optimally and avoid performance declines due to dehydration.
  • Adequate nutrition is necessary before and after intense training sessions to maintain blood glucose levels, maximise performance and speed up recovery.
  • For pre-workout nutrition, opt for healthy carbohydrate such as fat-free yoghurt, fruits and vegetables, whole grain pasta from gluten free brands. Post-workout, you can fuel your body with protein and carbohydrates to help restore your energy and repair your muscles. Your options include eggs, Greek yoghurt protein shake, chia snacks, granola bars and quinoa.

chia snacks

To Sum Up

Improving your flexibility allows you to improve your posture, range of motion and reduce muscle and joint-related pains and discomfort as well as risk for painful injuries.

Moreover, regular stretching and workout alone would not bring in improvements in your flexibility and mobility levels that you wish to see. You must heed other aspects too including proper nutrition, hydration and your lifestyle choices, which significantly contribute to your flexibility.


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