Here is What’s Wrong With Your Gluten free Approach

Gluten free eating has taken over the world. Some are clinically intolerant while others adopt it as a healthy way to living.

Unfortunately, many who embark on this journey toward better health, fail to reap the benefits of gluten free living.

Considering the common mistakes most people make due to their lack of knowledge about gluten, we have offered a piece of information and advice on the gluten free approach.

Falling for Labels

Just as fat-free doesn’t necessarily mean fat free most of the time, promising “Gluten free snacks” labels on foods doesn’t make them gluten free. So, if you’re committed to a gluten free diet and still don’t feel better, smart advertising minds and mega food manufacturers can be blamed.

The popularity of gluten free diet has brought up an industry of food manufacturers that try to sell foods containing questionable ingredients like sugar, rancid oils, starch and gum in the name of gluten free brands.

So, to ensure a successful gluten free venture, you have to be really careful about what you pick from the shelves of gluten free foods in the supermarket.

All That Doesn’t List Gluten an Ingredient Isn’t Necessarily Safe

Yes, if you thought those hamburgers, pizza crusts and bread that don’t list gluten anywhere on the nutritional facts section are absolutely safe to eat, you are in for a big surprise.

Gluten isn’t only used as an ingredient but also as a stabilising agent in the manufacturing process of varied products such as ice cream and ketchup.

If you’re not into a strict gluten free diet, a little gluten not mentioned on the label may not be a major concern for you. But if you’re living on only gluten free food, you might want to consider the following healthy substitutes from Kuranda Wholefoods:

Don’t Miss Out on Key Nutrients

Many individuals in an attempt to be dedicated to their gluten free way of living cut grains all together from their diet. There are naturally gluten free grains including buckwheat, quinoa and millet that are safe to eat.

However, limiting your whole grain sources limits your intake of essential nutrients like fibre and Vitamin A and E. To ensure essential nutrients for your body, it is suggested to add oodles of veggies and fruits to your diet.

To Sum Up

Going gluten free might seem like an appealing venture to get on but is definitely easier said than done. Keep an eye out for what you’re adding to your diet and what can be boost your gluten free eating efforts.


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