Dietary Advice to Boost Your Cardio Training and Fitness

So you’re into intense cardio training?

Cardio workouts are a great way to blast body fat and get in good shape. While many people believe in this training system to improve overall fitness, not all are able to benefit from the system even after investing a significant amount of their time in the training.

Well, the first thing you need to know is that it’s not about how much time and effort you put in but about the right training approach.

To maximise the effectivity and benefits of your cardiovascular training, it is necessary to get proper nutrition. That said, we have gathered here a few nutrition-rich recipes and foods that will your cardiovascular workout a jolt.

Drink Your Protein

Energy shakes are a quick way to replenish your energy store after an intense cardio workout.

While yogurt and fruit can be the primary ingredients in your energy shake, adding gluten free muesli can give the drink a healthy twist. Not to mention, a handful of nuts and seeds will just boost the nutritional value of your drink while fueling your workout.

Whole-Grain Treatment

Quinoa is not only an excellent plant-based protein source to drive energy and strength but is delicious to eat and easy to digest, which makes it a must-have in the cardio-friendly diet.

You can either consume quinoa as wholefood with the added goodness of spinach and tofu or grab quinoa bars to munch before or after a workout.

Load Up on Carbohydrates

Cardiovascular exercises use a lot of your energy and thus require a lot of daily carbs to be added to your diet in order to restore the energy and fuel daily training sessions.

You can get most of your carbs from fruit, vegetables, grains and nuts. To generate extra energy and boost your metabolism, consider combining your carbohydrates with protein.  This will help repair your muscles and restore your energy tank fast post workout.

The Takeaway

Contrary to what most people have been believing all this while, high intensity exercises that blow your heart rate aren’t the sole secret to good cardiovascular health. Rather, the best cardiovascular training approach is balance your workout with a nutritional diet.

From healthy muesli bars to nutty energy shakes, add the above mentioned recipes and foods to your cardio diet and you will notice yourself boosting not only your cardio health but overall endurance and strength.


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