Your Favourite Yet Unhealthy Snacks and Their Healthier Alternatives

There is no denying that snacking is an inevitable part of our diet. However, most of us have a knack for turning it into an unhealthy part of our diet with our indispensable snack and junk food choices.

Kuranda Gluten Free Tropical Frozen Yogurt Muesli Cups Recipe (2)

But, are we really to be blamed here? We mean, given those pleasantly-flavoured, scrumptious foods that happen to soothe our snack cravings and late night yearnings, it is almost irresistible to eschew snacking.

Well, you don’t even have to. All you need is to do snacking the right way. And thus, we bring you a few healthy swaps to your favourite junk foods that will go a long way to satisfy your tastebuds as well as indulge in guilt-free snacking.

Potato Chips

As much as we love to savour this crunchy, salty snack, it contains no beneficial nutrients instead is loaded up with sodium, calories and unnatural ingredients. Want to ditch potato for good? Next time you feel peckish, reach for gluten free muesli and we bet you will be more than satisfied.

French Fries

Another irresistibly favorite food most people would kill for is French Fries. Besides its pleasing aroma and mouth-watering palate, this deep-fried finger food contains large amounts of calories, Trans fat, and sodium. Wish you could fulfill your salt cravings with a potato snack as good as French fires? Try homemade oven-roasted sweet potato wedges which come with the goodness of fibre and excellent antioxidants.

Alternatively, you could bake your potatoes in coconut oil while keeping the crunchy, crispy texture and enjoying health benefits of coconut oil.


Let’s admit it, it’s not just kids but adults too more often than not can’t help but grab candies to satisfy their sugar cravings. Well, you’re just taking candies but loaded up with unhealthy refined sugar, fat contents and calories enough to get you in bad shape.

Switching to sources of natural sugars is a possible solution here. Foods like low GI health bars, energy bars, quinoa snack bars and trail mix are not only capable of comforting your sweet tooth but they also provide you with essential micronutrients.

These were just three of common snack favourites and there would possibly be many other foods you are indulging in that are certainly not good for your health. To keep your health under control, try substituting your unhealthy snack choices with gluten-free or low GI foods and get the most out of your snacking.


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