Kuranda Wholefoods for Happy Mornings: Our Top Picks for a Healthy Breakfast

No matter how bad you want to lose weight and vanish your unsightly belly flab, you just can’t chuck out breakfast from your daily meals.Recall, your fitness instructor, GP and of course, your mum keep insisting on never skipping those morning meals as they get you prepared for the day ahead.

Well, we completely agree with them and we acknowledge your weight maintenance goals as well.

And that is why we at Kuranda Wholefoods have come up with our best breakfast picks that are definitely going to be your favourites.

Tropical Blend Muesli with Organic Quinoa

A perfect amalgamation of health from grains, seeds, and fruits, tropical flavours from coconut and pineapple and energy from proteins and carbohydrates, this organic breakfast food make a thoughtful choice for those on a weight management plan.


Cashew and Almond Bar

Nutty bars are a great option when it comes to giving your day a healthy start. And your love for these bars just intensifies when you here gluten-free. Roasted almonds and flavoursome cashews combine in a small bar to create an unbeatable morning treat full of energy and palate.

Walnut and Fig Energy Bar

Another appetising morning bite from our collection that will give an instant power boost to your body. With natural sweetness of figs and crisp walnuts, the bar snack loads up on nutrition and can be taken either at the breakfast table or on the go. Alternatively, you can go for healthy chia bar if you want to avoid nuts and still satisfy your taste buds.

Healthy Trail Mix

Grab a handful of nutritious nuts straight from the pack and get going or give your morning yoghurt or gluten free muesli some delicious company, either way you’re
just going to love this little pack as your breakfast addition. What’s more, this trail mix is absolutely wheat-free and include all natural ingredients including the likes of almonds, figs, hazelnuts, dates, cashews, cranberries, sunflower seeds and pepitas.

Kiss your diet worries goodbye!

Now that you’re sure that all of these breakfast choices are downright healthy, all you have to do is try them and feel the positive change within your body and in health.

So, go ahead! Combine different gluten free snacks and nutty treats with other breakfast foods or take them whole.


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