Healthy Snacking Guide: Replace Your Unhealthy Food Cravings with Healthier Substitutes

Sometimes, food cravings can get you pick up really unhealthy options. And given the taste bud pleasing and hunger satisfying properties of snacks and junk foods, it’s only inevitable to surrender to your cravings.

While it may be a bit difficult to maintain a 100% healthy, balanced diet and get junk foods and snacks completely out of your life, tricking your food cravings are something you can easily pull off to combat binge-eating and unhealthy snacking.

That said, we have compiled a few easily available food replacements that can actually help outsmart the whole unhealthy indulgence for a better lifestyle.



Replace Chocolates with Raw Nuts

Chances are you absolutely adore chocolate. Well, chocolates are often considered a healthy food, but only in all-natural super-dark form. Our advice? Swap your fancy, sugary chocolates with nuts like almonds and walnuts and even cocoa nibs would work.

Swap Bread Crumbs with Chia Seeds

Conventional wheat bread contains gluten that is notorious for affecting blood sugar levels and causing gas, diarrhoea, bloating and cramping. In recipes that use bread crumbs as an ingredient, you can add chia seeds instead that are high in fibre and protein and less in sodium. Additionally, Quinoa Bar makes for a healthy snack that offers guilt-free snacking experience.

Replace Cookies with Nutrition Bars

Sugar cookies and packaged biscuits can be quite a temptation to resist. However, they are packed with trans-fat, chemicals and artificial sweeteners, making them extremely high in calories. Treat your cravings to low GI health bars like granola and oatmeal bars that not just are appetizing but boost energy levels. Not a bad deal?

These were some useful three food replacement hacks and you’ll find many other substitutes for your unhealthy foods if you dare to look around. Moreover, whole-wheat banana bread, dried fruits, and fruit juice are some go-to options to take better control of your snacking and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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