Snack All Day and Lose Weight: Here’s Your Never-Get-Fat Snacking Plan

Most of us, especially women, love to snack as much as we want the needle of your weighing scale to go down. And, the reputation snacking has gained for a long time now makes us go into remorse mode every time we gulp in hunger-stimulating potato chips, big ice-cream scoops, smoothies and other appetising treats.

Snacking has long been associated with unhealthy fat gain, obesity, lower energy levels and many harmful medical conditions. However, what most people don’t know is snacking, when done properly, can help your weight control efforts and fill nutritional gaps in your diet. Healthy snacking habits go a long way to keep your energy levels up and load up on nutrients.

So, without further ado, here we have a snacking plan that will help you indulge in your snack cravings without any guilt and health concern.

Eat, Eat and Eat:

Broccoli, Spinach, Tomatoes, Green beans, Eggplant, Leafy greens, Summer squash, Mushrooms, Celery, Bell Peppers, Snow peas, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Cucumber, Endive, Onions, Radishes, Zucchini, Asparagus

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Stick this list of veggies to your refrigerator.

Raw, steamed, roasted or cooked – You can eat unlimited amounts of these veggies. They are filling, healthy and you don’t have to worry about your weight at all.

Curb Your Hunger:

Snacking helps stabilise blood sugar levels preventing dips that leave you famished. But surrendering to your carvings and overindulging will take its toll on your health and body. While you’re on a healthy snacking spree, you need to control your cravings too. And, this can be done by ensuring all the necessary elements in your meals.


You don’t want to pack on the pounds and see your belly swelling, so you need to avoid fat. But, it doesn’t mean you need to cut all fat from your diet.While you should strictly avoid saturated and trans fats, unsaturated fats actually promote good health.


Protein-rich meals fill you up completely and boost your energy levels. Consuming nuts and seeds, eggs, soymilk, milk, cheese, beans and lean chicken to your diet can help you manage your weight.


Swap your snacks with veggies and you’ll fill up on fibre and would be able to prevent sugar cravings and treats packed with refined carbohydrates.

Your Go-To Munching Treats:

Remember, snacking isn’t bad if you do it the right way. Go for foods that are packed with nutrients and you would add both flavour and health to your treat at the same time.

Straight from your backyard:

Yes, fresh herbs like basil, mint, cilantro and rosemary are absolutely calorie-free and loaded with ingredients that help fight certain medical conditions including cancer, memory loss, and food-borne illness.

Packaged Snacks:

Ok. We know you can’t go all veggie, herb and nutrients. You can make way for a flavourful yet healthy treat with packaged snacks on weekends. Baked beans, granola bars, chia snacks , fruit and nuts muesli and other Gluten free snacks are a go-to options for you to enjoy snacking while maintaining your weight.


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